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iPacket is an Approved Turnkey GM IMR Provider

GM dealers can utilize co-up funds on iPacket.

What it is, and how iPacket can totally transform your sales process.

Digital Vehicle Presentation

No scanning, uploading or printing. Every document on every car in your inventory is right at your fingertips, and can be easily shared with customers.

MicroData Heatmapping

Our real-time insights give you a live view of how your shoppers are engaging with the iPacket. Our heatmaps highlight the most engaged modules, while live view alerts ensure timely follow-up.

iPacket Mobile App

Instantly pull, access, share, & track VIN specific documentation for every vehicle directly from your mobile device. Pull window stickers at your fingertips.

Language Translation

Offer an added level of transparency by serving iPackets in over 5 different languages. English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish and counting!

AI Enabled Content

iPacket has worked to add verified OEM stickers to our Chrome extension, and have gone one step further to use predictive AI to pull even more. Dealers can now opt-in to our predictive AI technology to pull a window sticker if not provided. Standardize your communication flow with innovative AI assets including tailored follow-up tools, data pulls and more!

Chrome Extension

Over 30 OEM stickers made available at your fingertips! Seamlessly pull accurate OEM build sheets/window stickers. Unlimited on-demand OEM stickers for your inventory, appraisals, auctions and more.

As a partner of iPacket, the stats don’t lie…

47% Lift in website engagement with iPacket®
The average customer views an iPacket® 4 times
Viewers log session duration in excess of 38 minutes
20% increase in inventory turn with iPacket ®

Sticker Puller Provides Instant Access to 30+ OEM Automations and 20 Million MSRPs.

iPacket’s sticker puller can read VIN numbers to instantly pull the vehicle’s original window sticker or build sheet on any site across the internet! Whether you need an OEM sticker for inventory, appraisal, auction, or as a sales tool – iPacket’s system will pull it effortlessly!

Download our Chrome extension to make sticker searching even more convenient!

The ultimate CRM-integrated digital vehicle presentation tool

Our powerful platform seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM system, giving you a streamlined and efficient way to share stunning digital presentations that captivate and engage your audience.

Driving recon faster.

Welcome to a completely new age in vehicle reconditioning, and a whole new level of speed, efficiency and transparency. Cut your downtime, and get vehicles to the showroom faster than ever with iPacket Recon.

From coast-to-coast and dealer-to-dealer, the reviews are exceptional.

“My dealership sells over 600 cars a month and in my opinion, iPacket is in the top 2 resources we have. I could write you a book about the price change emails, email alerts when customers look at their Ipacket several times to alert you of their level of interest and the sheer ease of use. As a manager, I’m sending them every day to internet customers and the feed back from those customers is all positive. I sincerely wouldn’t change a thing.”
Jeremy-Allen R.
“I use iPacket regularly at my dealership. I am very happy with the program, and I have converted many leads to a sale. All the iPacket teams that I work with are very responsive and professional. A very nice and original tool to use for making sales.”
Ermir K.
“AutoiPacket has been a tremendous benefit in my sales! This amazing tool really helps to initiate and engage customer communication and sort out which leads require more time and focus. I strongly recommend implementing this software — it’s worth the investment!”
Nancy S.
“Today’s consumer wants information quickly and we have a limited time to maintain their attention. The iPacket puts everything at the fingertips of your customer. I see a 30% increase in customer interaction directly due to the neat little package that can be sent by email or mobile app. Thanks for making our job easier!”
Patrick B.
“If you’re in the car business, you need this application! No more paper folders to lose. Digital history reports of all vehicles in your inventory to instantly share with potential clients with all the follow-up data you could use.”
Bill G.
“We couldn’t be happier with our experience! Our customers love getting the details they need in one message. The customer service is beyond exceptional. If I have any questions I can always message their support team and they will contact me asap. 10/10”
Courtney H.

“iPacket delivers outstanding 
performance across our entire network”

Bobby Rahal

Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

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